List of QR Code Scanners

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The intent of this website is to advance development of QR code scanners by offering an easy way to compare features. Main goals are scanning speed and comfort, robustness of recognition for all kinds of QR Codes and user privacy.

This is a wiki, for now everybody can edit pages without even logging in.

Everything on this website is opinions. If you disagree with any information displayed or do not want your program to be listed here please correct the page or contact me (Felix of

Only programs with real time scanning can get on the list.

We strongly suggest the use of a firewall (Droidwall on Android, ? on iPhone) to prevent programs from secretly communicating to the outside. Probably a lot of scanner programs do that without you even noticing: spying check experiment.

List Column Information

Does the scanner use its own recognition algorithm or does it use one from a library or another program?

Single Click
Is it possible to activate the scanner with only a single click without additional software? For android this means from the home screen.

Does the program request geo information (gsm/gps) though it is not necessary?

Does the scanner redirect you via a third party server probably recording your data?

Does the program consume battery power or send data while in the background?